It's all fun and games.

Hi there, my name is Martin and I'm the sole proprietor of  Fat Fox Games. Fat Fox Games is a small-time indie game studio based out of Viborg, Denmark. Currently I make card games, because they're cool and I don't know how to program... yet.

Like alot of guys my age, I pissed away my youth playing games. I figured I might as well put whatever I learned (if anything) to some good use and make my own games. The best thing about being indie is that you can make whatever you damn well please. I can't recommend it enough.

Now there are certain people on certian forums that don't apporve of what I'm doing. If you're one of these people, why are you reading this? Life's too short to be a humourless dingbat. 

Feel free to write me using the contact page. If you're cool we can drink some beer and play some Don't Drop The Soap.