Fat Fox Games makes dark humored games for a niche market.


Hi, my name is Martin Bruun Pedersen founder and owner of Fat Fox Games. I'm here to tell you a little story 'bout how it all got started.


I founded Fat Fox Games in early 2016. After working as a freelance artist for a couple of years I got tired of working on other peoples projects and decided to make my own games. Humor is very important to me and I wanted my games to reflect my own sense of humor. I figured that the games industry could do with some more unapologetic dark humored games right about now.


Why dark humor? Well that's just how I roll. I find a lot of things funny that I wouldn't admit to anyone, a lot of people do. I feel like there is a lack of dark humored games on the market. So I threw my hat into the ring and set out to produce my flag ship title 'Don't Drop The Soap'.