Don't Drop The Soap

What is Don't Drop The Soap?

'Don't Drop The Soap' is a dark humored, fast-paced, card game of hot potato set in a prison shower.


Players take the role of prison inmates who are, literally, trying to screw each other over. The objective of the game is to not be the player who drops the soap.

How do I play

Don't Drop The Soap?

The game is very simple to play. Each turn you must play one card from your hand. Throw that card into the discard pile and do what it says.


The Game ends when a player runs out of options and is forced to play a soap card.


Although you may never win a game of 'Don't Drop The Soap' you can influence the game in such a way that you decide who loses.

Where can I get a copy of

Don't Drop The Soap???

Don't Drop The Soap is currently only available in Scandinavia, not for sale in the United States of America..

Click the link below and send me an email. Let me know how many you want. I accept Mobile Pay, Bank Transfer, and Paypal.

Who am I?

Hi my name is Martin and I've always been fond of all things crazy, nasty, and offensive. I feel that there is a lack of games with a dark sense of humor, which why I created Fat Fox Games.


Fat Fox Games specializes in easy to play card games.

My flagship title is Don't Drop The Soap. Hopefully it won't be my last game ;)

Remember, it's just for fun.

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